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Animal Communication Session

I translate conversation between pets and their people to address problem solving, training, health & medical concerns, end of life wishes or fun question & answer sessions. Done in the privacy of your home or barn, by phone or Skype. 

Please allow 60 minutes per session

Fee includes 3 pets.

Fee: 150. North Fork, Long Island

Fee: 175. Eastern Long Island

                                              30 minute phone sessions are available for quick 1 or 2 question issues

                                              Fee: 85.00


Energy Healing for Pets-People Training

Intoduction to Animal Communication

Developing your Intuitive abilities

Protecting Neck, Back & Wrists in the workplace

Simple Massage Techniques for daily self care

Energy Healing 101

                                               Introduction to Tai Chi & Qi Gong

 Email me at [email protected] for more information

Clairvoyant Reading

I read your Energy Field on 4 levels. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. This type of reading can help you see how one decision vs another may play out in your life in regard to relationship, job, where to live choices. I can help you with grief by connecting with your loved ones whom have passed on to gain clarity in regard to the whats/whys of the relationship you had. I can show you where and how you may "give away" your energy and how to stop doing that. 

                                        Sessions are done in person locally or by phone/Skype  

                                        Sessions run 60 minutes.  

                                        Fee: 175.


                                         Intuitive Reiki/Reading Combo

                                         Reiki Session for you in the privacy of your home, that your Animals may partake

                                         in, combined with a Psychic Reading/Animal Communication question and                                                        answer session.

                                         Allow 2 hours

                                         Fee: 350.00

                                         Intuitive Reiki Only

                                         This is a session combining a Reiki ® Healing and I read your Energy Field to 

                                         identify the energetic imbalance that is underlying your physical or emotional                                                     problem. I then advise on things you can do to create the changes you seek.

                                         Allow 60+ minutes.

                                         Fee: 175.00

                                         Intuitive Development

                                         Do you have a desire to develop your intuition and/or psychic skills? I offer one on                                           one classes in person or via Skype, designed especially for you to help you                                                       achieve your own personal goals.

                                         30 & 60 minute classes

                                         Fees:  50.00 (30 min) and 100.00 (60 min)

Tibetan Tones Sound Bowl Massage

North Fork Fee: 150.00

Shelter Island: 175.00

South Fork: 200.00

Individual & Group Sound sessions incorporate 18 metal alloy sound bowls, 2 gongs and rainstick in a sound symphony for Couples or Groups laying on the floor. Host or have attendees split the fee.

                                                                                                                                                                              North Fork: $150

                                                                                                Shelter Island.. $175.

                                                                                                South Fork.. $200.