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When the communicators dog says "It is time for the needle".

I am constantly asked, What do dogs REALLY know?

To me, at this point in my career as a Animal Communicator, it can easily enrage me to think that people can live with a pet and still ask this question but I have, always, to remember that sometimes we just dont fully understand what is obvious UNTIL we understand what is OBVIOUS.

This includes me and here is the short version of the story.

Monday afternoon Ella said: Take our picture, I will not be here much longer. I said OMG Ella you are SUCH a drama queen and took this picture. 

That evening while laying on the couch with Ella I clearly heard my guidance say: Look at Ella, that is not a running dream, she is having a mild seizure. I watched for a while and thought maybe it is and maybe it isn't I'll ask her later for specifics. I never did. 

She was a bit off in her balance at the last of the nights pee's but I said oh shes just really tired, after all she is almost 12.

Tuesday her balance was off but not all the time. We had a quiet day together and by days end I really noticed that she hadn't run at all and didnt want to play for more than a few minutes at a time but rather just lay next to me and hang out. Not even talking so much, just being together.

That night when we went to bed I said Ella you can sleep in your bed tonight and I clearly heard (and registered): Ella is not farting, let her sleep with you tonight on the bed. I remember waking in the middle of the night to being kicked and instead of really waking up to talk to her I just moved over slightly and dropped back off.

In the morning, I was off still, so we lingered in bed a bit just chatting as one does when they are an animal communicator,  when Ella said I am going to need the needle today. I am having small seizures and I DO NOT want to do seizures so can we spend the day together and do the needle at the end of the day? 

Fully awake and alert now I said: Get off the bed and let me see you walk! She said I CAN NOT jump down I am NOT being funny with you!

When I put her down I immediately realized I was being blinded by my love FOR her to clearly process what HER REALITY was.

She had KNOWN all week, was clearly telling me in a hundred different offhand coments but even I, the PROFESSIONAL inter-species communicator (and a really good one btw) was clearly unable to HEAR what my own dog was saying before I HAD to hear before we had a medical emergency.

Ella had an amazing adventure for this life and a say in her "death". That really is the most we can hope for when we have an interspecies relationship. 

Footnote: Ellas Soul left her body after the first shot and before the heart stopping shot. YES most animals do!!!

               :Energy Dog Ella continues on with me and many of those she loved and interacted with continue to feel her presence and catch glimpses of her, happy as ever now without the restrictions that come with a body. 

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