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TIME is why people turn to Psychi/Intuitive Mediums for Counseling

In todays rush around world, people want to get to the point quickly, so change can be made quickly and time and money is not wasted. 

Enter the Psychic, or Intuitive Medium. M

Whether it is a relationship (personal/job/location) you are in or would like to enter into, I can tune into or read the entire scenerio and tell you if you will have a positive experience (vibrational match) or negative experience (not experiencing what you hope to achieve).

It is nice to know if something is a negative match because why waste time/energy/money on something that will never bring you the results you want.

As a medium I can tell you the motivations and intentions of the other players involved in your scenerios so you can know how to align yourself with others, or not

I do not have a University degree for what I do as one does not yet exist. 30 years as a professionally certified Energy Therapist and almost 10 working as a professional certified as a  Psychic Medium specializing in Animal Communication provides me and therefore you with a very high level of real life experience in the field of Holistic Counseling. 

AND Telepathics can see & feel lies from a mile away #Developyoursenses

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