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On speaking truth to power in regard to animals

I love that people are getting on the bandwagon about speaking truth to power. I hope to see this extend to the Animal World in a bigger way this year.

What do I mean? Be willing to educate people in the Animal Industry about people (like myself & thousands of others) who hold Certification as Animal Communicators. We, who took the time to study long and hard with experts in the Industry, then went out and volunteered our time to gain practical experience before putting ourselves out there in a professional manner. 

We, and I speak for all Animal Communicators worldwide, who are willing to put ourselves out there on a daily basis, where we are mocked & rediculed by the uneducated both to our faces and behind our backs, deserve better.

We, who are willing to be on the front lines of education in raising awareness about the human-animal relationship, often in areas where those in the Animal Rescue and Animal Medical fields shun us publicly. We understand who we threaten and why, when we give ACTUAL voice to Animals.

When your Animal Professional is telling you they know what is best for your pet PLEASE, BE WILLING to ask them HOW they know for sure what they are telling you is true? Ask them if they have ever had a session with a Certified Animal Communicator? If the answer is no, ask them why not? If their answer is "oh I do not believe that stuff is real" ask them if they will be educating themselves in spite of their beliefs because THAT would actually be in the animals best interest.

YOU do not have to believe in what I do, it IS real anyway!

From now on when people, who are uneducated in this field, challenge me to "prove" what I am doing is "real" my response is going to be "NO, you prove to ME Animal Communication is NOT possible".

Lets stop the ignorance together

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