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On moving stuck energy in healing.

Energy Healing, in many forms, is capable of moving stuck Energy.

Hands on Healing and use of medical grade Sound Bowls & my Gongs are my favorite methods. Why move stuck (or congested) Energy? Heres an example I encounter regularly:

Client comes to me for a medical massage with upper back pain extending into the base of the neck, of unknown origin. (That means they haven't done anything that should be attributing to the pain.)

On the massage table, I do not find any particular physical problems such as muscle tension, inflammation or active trigger points that could be causing pain. This tips me off that the problem may be emotional in nature.

My first question will be something of the nature of: Have you experienced anything lately that may be stressing your emotions, particularly involving the heart? Perhaps something you are not speaking of to anyone yet? ( addressing Heart/Throat chakra sphere of influence).

That simple question more often than not, starts a flood of tears. Why? Because the energy of the vibration of the tone of voice I deliberately use in asking combined with the Energy coming from my hands moves the congestion of emotional/mental energy that has accumulated in that space in the physical body and that resulting movement causes tears to flow which is the best response ever because our bodies, as a complete working system, will then respond with the movement of energy everywhere through the body.

After session, when the client is up and moving a bit, I usually hear this; Wow I feel lighter all over and I don't have the pain I came here with, followed by: I FEEL like i see this in a whole new way.

Technically they do see whatever IT is in a whole new way because the perspective on IT changed with the movement of the energy that held it in the state and place it was.

Sound Baths can do all of this without the spoken words part, it just takes a few sessions.

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