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Now it's February 2021....

Ok, it is actually more than a year since that last post and I truely will be blogging more. I even hope to master adding videos I have made.

So much has changed in the world of Animal Communication in the last 2 years.

It is now quite common for people to reach out and have sessions just prior to and after the death of a pet. Searching for clarity about end of life decisions that were made. 100% of the time animals have connected with their humans and explained fully and in fine detail what the experience was for them and WHY things played out as they did.

Let me share an example. Eileen has recently lost her pup Fitz and the suddeness of it all left her with many questions and much grief. Particularly the last night that Fitz was still in physical form she had intended to stay up with him and found she just couldn't stay awake and therefore missed out on his last hours before being put down. Her husband spent that time she slept with Fitz.

Fitz perspective:

First off he was quite a bit further along in his dying or ending of life experience than his humans were aware of. He had early in life health issues because of mistreatment and so never had a high level of fitness and stamina, which they understood. The night in question played out the way it did for the following reasons.

First: Fitz starts with; Everything played out exactly as it was suppose to be for the ultimate benefit to all. Meaning he was ending his time here no matter what kind of intervention may have been sought. Laughingly he said; Do you have any idea what it took to knock her out? She was so determined not to miss a moment with me, we (Fitz ,his angel squad and her angel squad) had to knock her out cold to get her out of the way. If she had not been knocked out she would have witnessed a part of my dying process that would have been so traumatic for her that she would have rushed me to the Pet ER and had them perform very extreme and ultimately fruitless medical proceedures on me. People like to "try everything" and that is often not in the best interest of the animal.

Second: Eileens husband, who admitidly wasn't that much of a dog person, would have gone to sleep if Eileen had not and missed out on his own sacred moments with me, that while very short in clock time, were quite profound for him going forward in how he would relate to future animals in the home.

Just hearing Fitz explain the " WHY things happened THAT way" allowed Eileen to disconnect from the idea that she should have, would have, could have done more and she stated that she could literally feel her heart mending now that she had hear from Fitz himself.

Note: How I work with phone sessions. I ask the owner to email 2-3 photos of the animal to be read which I print out and interact with the energy imprint of the photo to invite the animal into my space where the animal and I now merge and expand energy that will encompass the client also. The combined elevated vibrational frequency of that space is where I then invite the client into, which automatically elevates their vibration so they may more easily assimilate the information that they hear. Then, as I am a reader/translater of energy into language I ask the client why they have called me today and as they start to talk it allows the animal to enter the conversation by way of answering questions posed or bringing clarity to questions such as "What was the meaning of a behavior I observed?

I do not edit what animals say and they can be quite blunt in their observations of human behavior. 

I still do quick pre appointment phone calls with clients who are in the same country as I am (otherwise a few emails for those out of country) just to explain how I work and to give them time to think about topics and questions they want to make sure are covered.

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