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New Name & Updated Logos for 2019

Very pleased to debut my new name & logos for this page. My focus going forward is less Medical Massage and more Energy Healing, Vibrational Sound Therapy and Telepathic Animal Communication.

I will be once again holding regular Tibetan Tones® GROUP Sound Bowl sessions with my 18 Therapeutic Grade bowls & symphonic gong every other Wednesday starting March 6th in our beautiful loft at Eastern Sun Holistic Health Center in Southold as well as offering Sound Bowl Massage on the table, Energy Healing and Medical Massage Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

This year I celebrate 24 years in the field of Energy Healing as a practitioner and teacher. My studies and Certifications include Usui Reiki Master Teacher®, Quantum Touch®, Earth & Universal Life Force Energy practitioner. The work I do is based on Quantum Science and is not affiliated with any religion.

This year I will be adding videos to my blog and social media sites about Telepathic Animal Communication. As this field is increasingly finding support and acceptance as a skill that can easily be developed with practice I will be making instructional videos this year and try to find time to teach more classes in more locations.

Cell is still 631-766-3586 and Email is

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