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Just a note...

Often when I tell people I am a Clairvoyant Medium and Animal Communicator I get the "ooooh you can talk to dead people, whose around me" line. It's a sarcastic thing to say and does identify you as someone who is afraid I will read your mind and judge you harshly.

I know mediums who focus primarily on helping you receive messages from departed loved ones but that is just a small part of my focus professionally (unless we are doing animal communication)

My medium work focuses more on helping you identify where and how your actions are supported energetically and where they are not. This helps you not spend your time and energy on things that will not bear the results you would like to experience and direct your efforts toward what you would like to experience more of.

Times are changing so fast now I'd rather TEACH YOU how to experience your departed loved ones than just tell you what they say and to teach you about your Energy Field. How to use it to improve your life experience.

Example: You studied and studied The Secret and while you were able to manifest some things you also manifested the opposite of what you were working tword. Know why? Because you were using your brain to visualize, which is polarized, so you got to experience both the thing AND the absence of the thing you were working toward creating.

I teach how to manifest and heal from the heart which is not polarized.;)

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