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Healing with Medical Grade Sound Bowls.. Part 1

 Just as a massage therapist must know human anatomy, physiology and energy flow, a sound practitioner must become familiar with the properties and use of vibration rates (hertz), sound and energy and the different methods of application to avoid undesireable effects.

To understand how medical grade sound bowls actually work on the body and mind, imagine a human body from within. It is made up of different systems, each consisting of a group of organs (heart/lungs/skin) with each organ composed of tissues. These tissues are made up of cell groups, which are made up of molecules that consist of atoms.

Each atom, cell, tissue and organ in the body has a natural vibrational frequency. When this frequency is not in balance, the system does not work properly, which produces sickness or discomfort on a mental, physical, energetic and/or spiritual level. If we rebalance this frequency, we are able to restore health at any of these levels. The vibrations produced by sound bowls can alter the vibrational frequencies of the body, reinstating health and well being.

Different sound bowls and methods to use them target specific levels of the human organism. Some bowls are made for physical effects while others focus on energy centers, mental or emotional states.

Playing the bowls without any specific intention or insight is like performing a massage without any knowledge of human anatomy, physiology or pathology. While a Tibetan Sound Bowl Massage without a foundation can be very relaxing, its effects are superficial.

Sound Waves move almost 5 times faster through water than air, and since the body is between 70 and 80% water, it is an excellent transporter of sound and vibrations. Sound vibrations affect each system, organ, tissue, cell and atom of the body, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, increasing relaxation of the fascia, muscles and tendons and improving the functioning of each organ and the body in general. At this level, the sound vibrations produce similar effects as a hands on massage but penetrate much deeper into the skin, muscles, bones and organs, moving through the body with no difficulty.

Sound vibration opens the energy channels (meridian system) fostering the free flow of energy throughout the body. As a trained Medical Massage Therapist, I use specific bowls on the meridian system in general and specific acupuncture points, depending on what pathology the client has presented with.

I recently added a gong to my sound sessions where the client lays on the floor cushion. Brain entrainment is a common result of Sound Bowl Therapy and the stronger vibrations of a hand hammered deeper pitched gong seem to penetrate and balance the hemispheres of the brain quickly.

Part 2: What are these Brain Waves: Gamma vs Beta vs Alpha vs Theta vs Delta?

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