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Classes in Intuitive & Spiritual Development expand

I am pleased to announce that I am expanding my teachings. I realize with time and travel constraints that Skype Classes are needed now more than ever. Yes, I still see clients in person as I always have but now I am going to be able to offer so much more to a society that seems to be waking up more and more to the concept that change IS possible and it may not be as hard and scarey as one is led to believe.

Yes, we are led to believe through much of the media we see on a daily basis and even people we come into direct contact with, that this fear based thinking is the new way we have to live and navigate through and we are powerless to really change. I hear way too often, I want to change and I know I need to change but I have no idea where to start this change!

A wonderful way to start is to learn about your personal Energy System. This system starts at your cellular level in the physical body but is completely connected to, immersed in and affected by the thinking and feeling (mental/emotional) aspects of your self and ultimately the whole of your-self which includes your spiritual energy field. 

Is it possible to feel broken and disconnected at any of these levels? Yes. 

Is it possible to be out of balance in any of these levels without affecting the whole? No.

You can easily learn to identiy how you are affected by others energy and most importantly how to not let others energy affect you.

I offer free consultations so we can decide if we are a match to work together before appointments are set!

Call  me at 631-766-3586 or and lets get started. a new happier and healthier you awaits

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