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Animals can be sensitive to Energy just like people.

I recently did an Animal Communication for a client who wanted to know why her dog hated being touched on the body and was there anything that could be done to change the situation.


Jones, a large chihuahua mix and 1 of 3 dogs in the home, hates being touched.


This causes difficulty, especially at walk time. Jones cannot be leashed or harnessed like his dogmates and therefore has to stay home when the others go for walks. He shows great distress at this being left behind so his owner called to see if a conversation could help.


During the session Jones was quite eager to explain what was happening and that it was not anything personal toward his owners, who he loves very much. But his physical body is super sensitive to Energy, and there were 2 squeezing insidents in his youth which left an imprint in regard to what can happen when a person (and a child) holds you and how things can go bad.


In regard to the issue of the other dogs leaving and having anxiety, once I explained that he had options and discussed the various options with him and his mom (collar/leash vs harness/leash he explained he just couldn't do those things and wanted to know one thing....

Would they always return? When his human confirmed that YES absulutely they would always return, he was really pleased. He also suggested a few Energy Healing techniques that could help desensitize his overall issue.


Follow up: That very evening when the humans leashed up the other dogs to go for a walk, Jones just went quietly over to his bed and settled in for a nap, much to the amazement of his humans.


Sometimes all animals need is a conversation with a translator.




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