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A story of a cat with Dementia


I am often called into the home because an owner has a cat that is now "Yeowling loudly" for no identifiable reason. There is such a stark difference in tonal quality between a meow and a yowl, that the sound can be quite scary for a person.


There are so many factors that contribute to an animals cognitive disfunction and decline, as with humans, it can be very confusing to know how to help. This is where having a session with me can provide immense clarity as to where in the process your animal is, what they find helpful, what doesn't matter, and how they would like to proceed in their care and living time left.


A cat named Luna shared the most interesting information on where she is in her process and I thought WOW everyone should know this!

Lunas confusion was explained to her people, in a prior session so they had a good understanding of what was happening to her daily life experience but now they noticed a change in two behaviors and called me in to ask Luna what had changed.


The most significant change for her was that previously when she would become very confused, she still new that if she kept crying out that one of her humans would eventually appear and pick her up and make her feel safe again.

Now she said she no longer has that "thread of connection" between the two actions and without that thin thread of connection between trauma event & safe outcome she doesn't want to be here any longer and asked to get the "needle of freedom from the doctor".


It is a quality of life issue that many humans cannot relate to but is of utmost importance to animals nonetheless.


Just wanted to share as I feel these are important matters that arise in interspecies relationships.


If you have questions about a behavior that is confusing feel free to contact me at

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