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On speaking truth to power in regard to animals

Posted on June 17, 2018 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I love that people are getting on the bandwagon about speaking truth to power. I hope to see this extend to the Animal World in a bigger way this year.

What do I mean? Be willing to educate people in the Animal Industry about people (like myself & thousands of others) who hold Certification as Animal Communicators. We, who took the time to study long and hard with experts in the Industry, then went out and volunteered our time to gain practical experience before putting ourselves out there in a professional manner. 

We, and I speak for all Animal Communicators worldwide, who are willing to put ourselves out there on a daily basis, where we are mocked & rediculed by the uneducated both to our faces and behind our backs, deserve better.

We, who are willing to be on the front lines of education in raising awareness about the human-animal relationship, often in areas where those in the Animal Rescue and Animal Medical fields shun us publicly. We understand who we threaten and why, when we give ACTUAL voice to Animals.

When your Animal Professional is telling you they know what is best for your pet PLEASE, BE WILLING to ask them HOW they know for sure what they are telling you is true? Ask them if they have ever had a session with a Certified Animal Communicator? If the answer is no, ask them why not? If their answer is "oh I do not believe that stuff is real" ask them if they will be educating themselves in spite of their beliefs because THAT would actually be in the animals best interest.

YOU do not have to believe in what I do, it IS real anyway!

From now on when people, who are uneducated in this field, challenge me to "prove" what I am doing is "real" my response is going to be "NO, you prove to ME Animal Communication is NOT possible".

Lets stop the ignorance together :)

Earth Goddess Show part 2 LIVE animal communication

Posted on April 18, 2018 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Heys Folks,

This is the 2nd guest appearance I did on Deborah Marshalls show. This is a live demonstration of what I do as an Animal Communicator. We did address the issue with his paws more off camera.


Video on demand: Earth Goddess Show

Why do people do that?

Posted on April 6, 2018 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Animals do not find it interesting that people project "danger/fear" energy on to them. Example: Cat is walking down the street and person sees it. Person decides cat is lost, therefore in danger and must be rescued. Animals ask: Why do people think like that? Why am I not just out for a walk on a beautiful day? Why am I lost and why does that equal danger?

I just communicate to animals that this really has nothing to do with the animal but is about the human fundamentally not feeling that their world is a safe place and project that on to everything they see.

People who think like this see "potential danger" everywhere. The other day a cat dicussing this with me showed me the whole scenerio switched around as this...

Cat sitting on front porch sees a person jog by and decides the person is "running away from danger and must be saved". The cat then showed me running out and grabbing the person and dragging them back to the house and putting them in a cage. What is the person in the cage suppose to feel? Confused? OMG they were just out for a jog and now they are in a strange place in a cage!

The visual turned around is hilarius and I think quite eye opening on what skewed thinking energy can feel like to the recipient.

Earth Goddess Show (LTV) part 1

Posted on March 29, 2018 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Sometimes our journeys differ....

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

So January's theme seems to be on the topic of not confusing your journey with (yours or any) animals journey.

People in the rescue world often mistake a "missing animal" for a "lost animal" and this does neither a service. Based upon what I see and hear about a clear 50% of those animals considered lost are not. They have left the situation a person has placed them in because the place they have been placed is NOT where THEY feel they are suppose to be. Often I am hearing of people who trap cats and then do not understand why said cat has so much difficulty adapting to being indoors? It rarely occurs to the person that said cat may have their own life journey that does not involve being someones pet or an indoor cat interrupted by being trapped and caught by a "well meaning but short sighted" person who cannot imagine that an animal would not welcome all their efforts.

Cats, unlike dogs, tend to rant on and on (to communicators) about situations they find themselves in which are not part of their plan. An educated cat owner can tell in a second when their cat is annoyed with them, generally with a dose of humor!

Case in point: A rescuer contacted me this week about a semi-feral cat she had "rescued" and then shipped far away to a different area for socializing. The cat disappeared as soon as it possibly could and this woman was spending time and effort that was costing her emotionally and monetarily to travel to the state and search for the cat to trap it again.

At first the cat did not want to communicate with me at all because she felt this woman had caused so much disruption in her life that she did not want to communicate anything to me that might be helpful. AND she had a pissy attitude!

I explained what I felt was going on with this rescurer mentally & emotionally and how I felt it would be helpful to her and others in the field if she could just speak with me for 5 minutes so I could blog about it. 

The Cats Perspective: It is not my journey to live in a home with a human. This woman took me away from my home enviroment and refused to even consider my opinion in the matter. Her story in her head was that I was a "poor sad kitty with no home" and she became convinced that SHE would change that. (To me) Do you see how insulting that is to me? Then I am taken very far away so nothing at all in familiar in sight, sounds or smells and I am expected to just "settle in with time" and want to be there? Again, insulting. I finally escaped and people may see me but I will never be caught again. The food in the cage gig is up. (had to laugh here at the visual I was getting) I am far away from where I escaped from so you can convey that to this woman that her "story" with me is over and perhaps her time would be better spent paying attention to her own house and occupants.

Sound Harsh? Animals can be SO direct that it often comes across to people like they are being scolded. There is a difference between being scolded and getting a good talking too :)

The other note is sometimes people who are "big hearted" will stay too long in work or care situations because they "love the animals so much" that they will allow themselves to be disturbed emotionally by the idea of leaving such an enviroment. THIS is how  people confuse their own souls journey with that of the animal.

An animal who has the means to leave but chooses to stay in a situation that may seem not good, by people standards, usually has a pretty good reason for staying and it usually has something to do with putting up with what we would call suffering for the greater good of being an educational example. Good or Bad! 

Examples: Is an animal better off living with an animal hoarder than in a shelter? If a rescuer cannot really care for themselves because all they earn goes to the care of their animals, is that actually a stable environment? If you ignore your own pets & family because you have to be "out there to help animals" is that loving or just narcissistic? 

Like I said, animals can be very direct.

"Rescued" Animals & Animal Communication

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I had a session with a man the other day that I think is blog important.

Bob has "rescued" a dog found wandering, post Irma, in Texas. She appears to be about 2 years old and as she had no tags when picked up she was named Sunny (for her sunny disposition). Bob reported she was picked up and taken on a number of car rides, to a number of homes till she made her way to New Jersey where Bob picked her up. Bob called because he said she is glued to his side and seems terribly unsure about everything in her new enviroment and he thought perhaps a communication session could help put her mind at rest quickly so she could be more relaxed.

When I arrived for our appointment I sat in the car for a few moments and did a quick connect telepathically to introduce myself and explain why I was called in. This was Sunnys first go around with an animal communicator and she started communicating with me immediately, wildly excited that I would be able to explain what was happening with all this travel she had been doing.

Her questions & story came in quick order. Where was her family and the girl child who was her companion? Where was she? Nothing smelled the same. The dirt and air smells were so unfamiliar she could not "get bearings" to figure out where she was. She saw her people get in the car and leave, did they come back? She waited by the stoop as long as she could but the water came and she had to swim and walk for a long time. When the first car came she got in with her dog friend she was being with for companionship, but then that dog got in a different car and left and she went into a house. Then another car came and got her and she was taken to another house. All along the way she looked for her people and girl child but could not find them. Then she was put in a cage in a truck with other dogs and they rode for a very long time. When they stopped and all the cages went in to the house and then soon this man (Bob) came and after another long ride here we are. 

I explained that Bob was her human companion now and he was very happy that they were going to be together for a long time. I showed her through storyline that Bobs house was her house now and Bob would be her human as she grew into a senior dog and then help her when she was ready to leave her body. As Bob spoke and I translated into pictures for Sunny to understand, she could understand that she would be going to parks and new friends homes where she would be able to play with other nice dogs. She would have access to children but they would not live with her and Bob.

What I found particularly interesting about Sunny was when we were outside saying our goodbyes and walking around the property, Sunny now ran all over the place. Completely Unglued from Bob!

I feel this is blog worthy because it demonstrates how a single 90 minute appointment allowed a dog to understand what exactally had happened, what was going to happen, what was expected of her, what she could expect from Bob and that was all it took for her to feel confident instead of afraid.

A simple conversation.

We can love our pets but that is not the same as respecting our pets enough to actually have a conversation with them. All animals have a voice and opinions and emotions.

About Pets "getting lost".....

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** This post IS NOT about animals that you just got and have gotten away from you in the first few hours**

Dogs and Cats have told me they essentially have 3 reasons why they "leave home/run away/get lost".

A) They are not getting the amount of physical and mental stimulation they need for their own mental & physical well being.

B) The owner is/has become mentally or emotionally unstable and they are not comfortable living in that kind of energy.

C) They are stolen by a person or another animal.

Interesting to note, I have only been asked ONE time in all these years of communication sessions...What do I do that irritates my dog? ONE!!!:/

When Pets talk about the "Circle of Life"

Posted on June 17, 2017 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I am noticing in animal communication sessions lately, that pets are using the phrase "circle of life" more and more and when I explain what the pets definition of "circle of life" is, people really appear to "hear " in a much deeper way.

Typically this phrase is used in regard to two subjects. Under what circumstance the pet feels their life with you should end and when they feel their relationship with you has completed and it is time for them to go on to live with another.

For instance; I have done many communications for people who are new parents and for no obvious reason their beloved dog will either suddenly die or will "get lost" (also known as run away). When I am called in to connect with the animal I get this response, which happens in both scenerios. My "Circle of Life" has completed with my humans. I was their baby/companion for a length of time, introducing them to the concept of family unit & parenting, and now they have a human baby so that (very important) job is complete for me. I am not the kind of dog who has a desire to be in the toddler stage with the baby human. My humans refer to the child as "my sibling" which it is not, and I am now expected to allow the child to cause me great stress and discomfort by crawling all over me, pull on my ears and face and I am NOT allowed to correct the behavior (like I would with actual siblings) with a hearty growl or quick nip.  It may become time for me to make an exit because my life circle has completed with this family. 

End of life animal communications are the other instance. Animals will never understand why they have to suffer physically because a beloved human friend suddenly wont let them go even though there is nothing more that the animal can do or be for their human. For me, as an animal communicator, seeing perfectly nice people torture their animals because they just want the animal to "die peacefully in their sleep" is the worst. Dying in ones sleep is NOT EASY.

When a dog BEGS me to "make" their human take them to the doctor for the needle and the humans tell me "But I cant make that decision" I just want to shake them. Seriously! Oh there are a million reasons why people do this, but let me tell you from the animals perspective they are ALL bad and not respectfull to the animal at all. People say "But my dog still looks at me with such love and still wags its tail" where a dog says "The ONLY thing I can still do is show my love through my eyes and wag a little". WHY is that a reason to keep me here?

What is the point of developing your intuition?

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What IS the point of expanding/developing your intuition?

At the most basic level, developing/expanding your intuition is like installing a bullshit meter in your chest. This meter feels the energy of any interaction you may be having, then tells you if the energy of the person/place/thing is a match with your own energy. It also acts as a truth-o-meter.

 How is this applicable to your daily life?

Consider the following scenerio; You meet someone who presents themselves to be an authority in a field you are interested in, but do not know a lot about. You give their credentials a quick glace and notice words that fit a profile of a person/teacher you are looking to associate with. You may observe that this person is very charming and seems pulled together and educated. You decide to attend a lecture they are giving so you may become more educated on the topics they seem educated in. You sit in quiet expectation ( a recieving mode) and listen to every word but find it a little confusing. Perhaps this topic is just over your head. There are bits and pieces that you understand, but as a whole you aren't really grasping any kind of topic "big picture". Immediately you think it is YOU that is the problem here and because you look around the room and see a few people smiling and nodding in agreement, with only a few confused faces, that they surely are getting something that evidently is going over your head. Now you FEEL confused and a little bad about the whole interaction.

Now, IF you have developed your intuition (aka Energy Sensing Skills) THIS is how the same scenerio may play out...

While you are sitting in the lecture and in quiet expectation of whats about to happen, you check in with your own Energy Field. Your ego is dialed down and your intuition is dialed up. You are feeling good and ready to learn something new, feeling happy and uplifted. Here comes the lecturer and your excitement factor is high. They start talking and "something" about their Energy feels "off".

To a person who has taken the time to develop their intuition, it happens just that fast!

Now you are paying attention at a much deeper (or more expansive) level and you see that the confidance they exude is actually an inflated ego and while they are saying some superfiscially correct things, a deeper level of consideration clearly shows they are bullshitting their way through the talk. Now when you look around the room you can "feel" that while some are being charmed others are picking up on the BS and their faces are not "confused" but increasingly irritated because they too are seeing the BS for what it is and their time, like yours, is now being wasted.

Does this mean people like myself cannot be fooled? Heck no, I can still be fooled. BUT the period of time that I spend BEING fooled is WAY WAY WAY LESS!!

In my life now, for example, what if I meet someone and something about their energy FEELS off? I ask a few truth seeking questions of them and if I do not receive, what FEELS like truth revealing answers, I'm done and I turn my attention elsewhere. 

This ain't no dress rehersal, this is your life, dont waste time on intentionally low vibration people. While people who practice a higher level of vibration will generally readily help people to experience/learn a higher level of energetic vibration also, we also have no qualms about walking away from people or situations that we deem wastefull of our time and/or energy BECAUSE this ain't no dress rehersal...

Anthropomorphism vs Animals Views

Posted on April 26, 2017 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions and behavioral traits to animals.

Animals do not appreciate Anthropomorphism. Sure, they do find it humorous in certain contexts, particularly when it inspires humor and shared joy, but it's generally really not appreciated by animals. Animals are very proud of who and what they are AS ANIMALS.

I can not tell you how many times I find myself in situations where a human is standing before me telling me how their dog loves this or that, just like they do, and the animal is saying "no, that is not true. Animals can be amazingly tolerent of human behaviors and I think that leads to people confusing that their pet "likes" things as opposed to "tolerates with a positive attitude" things.

Common Anthropomorphisms:

Humans call Animals Furbabies. Dogs and Cats prefer to be called companions. Referring to an animal past puppy/kitten stage as a baby is not showing respect for their intelligence and animals REALLY feel strongly about having their intelligence acknowledged.

You are afraid of the unknown, particularly death. I have NEVER met an animal who was afraid of death. Remember, animals know they live as fully conscious energetic beings having a physical life, whereas people often don't get that concept at all! 

In every end of life communication session I have EVER done, animals will talk about "the doctor with the needle" as a person who merely helps them get from "one level to the next". I can hear you now dear reader saying "Oh not my animal, my animal hates the Vet". Technically wrong. What your animals can have a strong dislike for are the smells of the vets, the energy of the emotion of fear from other pets and having their butts messed with. Remember for animals their butts are information centers for other animals, not really a place for humans.

Animals lives should be as long as their good health allows. NOT A NUMBER. Animals do not freak out and mourn that their number may only get to 3 when humans think it should be 10 or 12. They totally accept that on a level people find almost impossible to fathom. Oh and the belief that a dog would rather live a life in a cage (that humans have deemed "big enough") rather than get the needle is the BIGGEST FALSEHOOD perpetuated by humans in animals lives!! BTW, I have been told by Animal Shelter personnel and Rescue hoarders that this is their #1 thing that they CANNOT ACCEPT as true because it would make the human "feel to bad then about what they do".

When I put down my lab Sandy, before I became a communicator, I remember clearly that even tho she was quite limited with heart failure and could only walk, instead of run and play, when the Vet came and put the needle in her arm and she flinched I thought OMG Im making a mistake she doesnt want this! Luckily my Vet saw the look on my face and said please do not misinterpret this as anything other than discomfort from being poked with a needle. Once I became a communicator, Sandy came during a similar scenerio with a client and confirmed that "hello it pinches to be stuck with a needle, of course I flinched!!

Humans think animals would rather go thru medical treatments, that make them sick, just so they can spend a few more months/years with their humans. Nope. When I do communications for illness situations the animals first question 100% of the time is will the treatment/medicine make me feel sick? If the answer has anything to do with yes, THEIR PREFRENCE is not to have it. Humans are very conditioned to medical treatments having side effects of making one feel sick to their stomachs so they decide that their animals will also be ok with the side effects for the sake of being here longer. Animals think that is horrible attitude to have and wish humans did not put that on them. 

Remember animals see death as a part of the life experience. Not a bad part, just a part. Animals who are included in end of life conversations don't grieve the loss of the human. They may miss them physically and occasionally look sad to you but they don't grieve the "loss" because they will interact with you energetically after. I did a reading with a cat that stayed in the cemetary most of the time by the owners gravestone. People think the cat is in deep mourning. The cat thinks that idea is "typically human". She stays there because it is where her humans spirit comes and visits her AND people come from all over to see her and bring her fun food to eat. She said oh I go off and do things then i come back but humans exagerate that to be "she never leaves". Humans can be funny.

 Animals are naturally curious about unknown things and engage with curosity and skepticism (as opposed to fear). But, if animals have owners who tend to live fear based lives and they are continually immersed in that energy they will learn to also fear what their owners fear. This is a BIG reason why training to get rid of fear biting when the biter is owned by a fearfull person more often than not fails. It is no reflection on the trainer!!

Humans think their pets want to come with them everywhere or they will be lonely at home. Street Fairs on Hot days is probably the #1 place animals tell me they would prefer not to be. Remember you are enjoying the sights and smells from 5+ feet off the ground, where smells are diluted and it is many degrees cooler.

Humans think that because their dogs like doggie play groups and socializing in general with other animals that they should have a second pet at home. According to dogs the 1 thing has no relation to the other. Dogs like their playtime AND there downtime.

Humans think as long as the animal is in their care that they are doing whats is best for the animal and what the animal NEEDS.. NOPE. Humans who rescue/foster many many many animals usually have an inbalance psychologically and some kind of issues with human interaction. Animals spot this quickly. I00% of the time I am called in to these situations their will be 1 or more of the animals that will BEG me to take them with me. I am always honest with the person and tell them who really wants/needs to leave and what that reason is. I have never told a human your dog says you are to unbalanced psychologically to live with, I put it in different context. Many times tho anyway, I see the human shut down right in front of my eyes because they "hear" what I am saying as a judgement against them from a human instead of a communication from their animal. Sad but true.

Animals find it quite rediculous when humans say; "You cant tell me anything about my animal that I don't already know", "my dog feels guilty when i catch them...", "I feel guilty when I have to leave my pet", "My dog prefers to be with me, even if that means they stay in the car for hours on end".

Nex blog prelude.... If you work in a beauty parlor and bring your dog to work, you are going to be responsible eventually for an enviroment caused illness in them. The levels of toxins in these places can be catastophic on an animals system.