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It's OK to admit you already communicate Telepathically.

Posted on September 17, 2018 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

It is my experience that there are two reasons people do not admit that they communicate Telepathically.

First; single people have a reluctance to admit they have an ability that may set them apart from others around them. People like to fit in and not "seem weird". Couples like to keep their non verbal communication skills private so they can use them freely in public.

Second; People do not understand that they ARE communicating with their Animals or Friends.

When I speak publicly about Animal Communication now, I add in examples of how Humans regularly communicate with each other Telepathically. Couples and close friends readily admit, and sometimes brag about, their secret, non verbal communication between them. It quantifies how close or in-sync they are. Yet the concept that this applies to interspecies relationships as well is met with blank stares. Wait, ADMIT I understand what my dog is saying?

What will that mean for me after I do that? The answer is Everything! The answer is NOTHING!! 

Wait, what?

It may mean everything because when you acknowledge that you have a skill developed to the point that it CAN BE acknowledged as a skill then you have owned it.

It can also mean nothing because the more we use skills inherent to us, the less "special" they become. They loose that shiney new aspect and just become a part of who we are everyday.

So admit it and get on with life.

Animal Communication & Training in NYC

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It is Fall again so that means I am in and out of New York City during the day for Animal Communication & Training sessions.

Session Content: Full Animal Communication session including 1 to 2 people and up to 4 pets. 

                            Training in how to give your Pet a full body Energy Healing

**Session may be split between 2 people at same location**

Session Time: 2.5  hours

Session Fee: $350.00

**Also available to educate and train large groups, such as Corporate functions**

A horse relocating story & why sessions matter

Posted on August 13, 2018 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I had an appointment yesterday that I feel would benefit any person relocating with animals.

This particular session involved dogs being left here, with family, and a horse that would be relocating with his owner.

First, the dogs. Client was concerned that not being able to take the dogs would create hurt feelings and possible abandonment issues. While she was explaining the situation both dogs jumped in immediately with their views. They were not concerned, in the least, as they felt their "home & people" were actually with the parents. Yes, they loved her and enjoyed her company very much, both dogs were quite adament that their place was here and that they had clearly defined jobs with the parents. One was quite vocal in talking about his "job" in being with the dad and then explained why in detail, most of which I explained out loud to the family, but much that I did not as the dog went into explicit detail about his relationship "with his dad" that would not have been appropiate to share with the females present.

Second was the horse that would be relocating with his mom. He is 20 so did not have any fear issues about what was going to happen, like a young horse would, just concerns.

What exactly would the travel arrangements be, how long would it take, would he be able to get off the trailer whenever it stopped, would there be food and water during the trip, would he know anyone doing the traveling with him, would he be traveling with other horses or alone (he had an option here and what constituted his preference was quite informative) when would he see his mom again, what would their life be like there, what size would his living & grazing spaces be, what would the general makeup of age ranges be with the new horses. He also had recommendations for his mom in how they could communicate with each other while they were separated, particularly to make the separation easier on HER :)

At the end of the session both mom and horse felt much more confident and at ease with the whole situation because they now both clearly understood what the plan was. Animals ALWAYS want to know the plan!

Hopefully this serves as a general education for people in how their animals view this kind of situation

Kristen & Bo go to a show

Posted on August 5, 2018 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

This is such a fun example of how a simple conversation can help define an experience.

Kristen is taking Bo (very young horse) to a horse show and Bo had questions that I thought were worth sharing in a blog because they struck me as concerns that would be universal in nature, that any young horse might have prior to an event.

His questions: Would be coming back to his own bed tonight, would there be anything in/around the ring that will be scary, will there be any horses just running around free that may try to come after him, will it be fun?

When I asked Kristen if these questions made sense to her, she answered yes and explained.

Question 1: He is asking this because the last time I took him away to an event we ended up not coming home that night.

Question 2: He is looking for possibilities here. Like in his own sand ring at home, there is a corner where birds can fly out from shrubbery. I had gone online and looked at photos of the ring and Kristen knew what it looked like so we were able to picture in our minds what the place looked like and "take" him there visually so he could also see the layout.

Question 3: We witnessed a horse previously that was being warm up lunged, get away from it's handler and start running all over. Bo is wondering if that will be happening again and should there be concern.

Question 4: This was interesting to me because what he was actually asking was; Is this very serious and are we going to get in trouble if I do something wrong? Kristen explained that while this is a competition, it is also mostly a fun learning experience for both of them because they both have tools of communication now, between them, that allow them both to understand that there can be seriousness and focus in effort, while maintaining fun as an overall experience. As Bo likes to say about Dressage "Lets dance mom" :)

End of story: Bo returned to his own bed that night, they had a blast and were great dance partners and there are 3 new ribbons (2 blues & an overall) for somebodys stall!

On speaking truth to power in regard to animals

Posted on June 17, 2018 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I love that people are getting on the bandwagon about speaking truth to power. I hope to see this extend to the Animal World in a bigger way this year.

What do I mean? Be willing to educate people in the Animal Industry about people (like myself & thousands of others) who hold Certification as Animal Communicators. We, who took the time to study long and hard with experts in the Industry, then went out and volunteered our time to gain practical experience before putting ourselves out there in a professional manner. 

We, and I speak for all Animal Communicators worldwide, who are willing to put ourselves out there on a daily basis, where we are mocked & rediculed by the uneducated both to our faces and behind our backs, deserve better.

We, who are willing to be on the front lines of education in raising awareness about the human-animal relationship, often in areas where those in the Animal Rescue and Animal Medical fields shun us publicly. We understand who we threaten and why, when we give ACTUAL voice to Animals.

When your Animal Professional is telling you they know what is best for your pet PLEASE, BE WILLING to ask them HOW they know for sure what they are telling you is true? Ask them if they have ever had a session with a Certified Animal Communicator? If the answer is no, ask them why not? If their answer is "oh I do not believe that stuff is real" ask them if they will be educating themselves in spite of their beliefs because THAT would actually be in the animals best interest.

YOU do not have to believe in what I do, it IS real anyway!

From now on when people, who are uneducated in this field, challenge me to "prove" what I am doing is "real" my response is going to be "NO, you prove to ME Animal Communication is NOT possible".

Lets stop the ignorance together :)

Earth Goddess Show part 2 LIVE animal communication

Posted on April 18, 2018 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Heys Folks,

This is the 2nd guest appearance I did on Deborah Marshalls show. This is a live demonstration of what I do as an Animal Communicator. We did address the issue with his paws more off camera.


Video on demand: Earth Goddess Show

Why do people do that?

Posted on April 6, 2018 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Animals do not find it interesting that people project "danger/fear" energy on to them. Example: Cat is walking down the street and person sees it. Person decides cat is lost, therefore in danger and must be rescued. Animals ask: Why do people think like that? Why am I not just out for a walk on a beautiful day? Why am I lost and why does that equal danger?

I just communicate to animals that this really has nothing to do with the animal but is about the human fundamentally not feeling that their world is a safe place and project that on to everything they see.

People who think like this see "potential danger" everywhere. The other day a cat dicussing this with me showed me the whole scenerio switched around as this...

Cat sitting on front porch sees a person jog by and decides the person is "running away from danger and must be saved". The cat then showed me running out and grabbing the person and dragging them back to the house and putting them in a cage. What is the person in the cage suppose to feel? Confused? OMG they were just out for a jog and now they are in a strange place in a cage!

The visual turned around is hilarius and I think quite eye opening on what skewed thinking energy can feel like to the recipient.

Earth Goddess Show (LTV) part 1

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Sometimes our journeys differ....

Posted on January 28, 2018 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

So January's theme seems to be on the topic of not confusing your journey with (yours or any) animals journey.

People in the rescue world often mistake a "missing animal" for a "lost animal" and this does neither a service. Based upon what I see and hear about a clear 50% of those animals considered lost are not. They have left the situation a person has placed them in because the place they have been placed is NOT where THEY feel they are suppose to be. Often I am hearing of people who trap cats and then do not understand why said cat has so much difficulty adapting to being indoors? It rarely occurs to the person that said cat may have their own life journey that does not involve being someones pet or an indoor cat interrupted by being trapped and caught by a "well meaning but short sighted" person who cannot imagine that an animal would not welcome all their efforts.

Cats, unlike dogs, tend to rant on and on (to communicators) about situations they find themselves in which are not part of their plan. An educated cat owner can tell in a second when their cat is annoyed with them, generally with a dose of humor!

Case in point: A rescuer contacted me this week about a semi-feral cat she had "rescued" and then shipped far away to a different area for socializing. The cat disappeared as soon as it possibly could and this woman was spending time and effort that was costing her emotionally and monetarily to travel to the state and search for the cat to trap it again.

At first the cat did not want to communicate with me at all because she felt this woman had caused so much disruption in her life that she did not want to communicate anything to me that might be helpful. AND she had a pissy attitude!

I explained what I felt was going on with this rescurer mentally & emotionally and how I felt it would be helpful to her and others in the field if she could just speak with me for 5 minutes so I could blog about it. 

The Cats Perspective: It is not my journey to live in a home with a human. This woman took me away from my home enviroment and refused to even consider my opinion in the matter. Her story in her head was that I was a "poor sad kitty with no home" and she became convinced that SHE would change that. (To me) Do you see how insulting that is to me? Then I am taken very far away so nothing at all in familiar in sight, sounds or smells and I am expected to just "settle in with time" and want to be there? Again, insulting. I finally escaped and people may see me but I will never be caught again. The food in the cage gig is up. (had to laugh here at the visual I was getting) I am far away from where I escaped from so you can convey that to this woman that her "story" with me is over and perhaps her time would be better spent paying attention to her own house and occupants.

Sound Harsh? Animals can be SO direct that it often comes across to people like they are being scolded. There is a difference between being scolded and getting a good talking too :)

The other note is sometimes people who are "big hearted" will stay too long in work or care situations because they "love the animals so much" that they will allow themselves to be disturbed emotionally by the idea of leaving such an enviroment. THIS is how  people confuse their own souls journey with that of the animal.

An animal who has the means to leave but chooses to stay in a situation that may seem not good, by people standards, usually has a pretty good reason for staying and it usually has something to do with putting up with what we would call suffering for the greater good of being an educational example. Good or Bad! 

Examples: Is an animal better off living with an animal hoarder than in a shelter? If a rescuer cannot really care for themselves because all they earn goes to the care of their animals, is that actually a stable environment? If you ignore your own pets & family because you have to be "out there to help animals" is that loving or just narcissistic? 

Like I said, animals can be very direct.

"Rescued" Animals & Animal Communication

Posted on September 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I had a session with a man the other day that I think is blog important.

Bob has "rescued" a dog found wandering, post Irma, in Texas. She appears to be about 2 years old and as she had no tags when picked up she was named Sunny (for her sunny disposition). Bob reported she was picked up and taken on a number of car rides, to a number of homes till she made her way to New Jersey where Bob picked her up. Bob called because he said she is glued to his side and seems terribly unsure about everything in her new enviroment and he thought perhaps a communication session could help put her mind at rest quickly so she could be more relaxed.

When I arrived for our appointment I sat in the car for a few moments and did a quick connect telepathically to introduce myself and explain why I was called in. This was Sunnys first go around with an animal communicator and she started communicating with me immediately, wildly excited that I would be able to explain what was happening with all this travel she had been doing.

Her questions & story came in quick order. Where was her family and the girl child who was her companion? Where was she? Nothing smelled the same. The dirt and air smells were so unfamiliar she could not "get bearings" to figure out where she was. She saw her people get in the car and leave, did they come back? She waited by the stoop as long as she could but the water came and she had to swim and walk for a long time. When the first car came she got in with her dog friend she was being with for companionship, but then that dog got in a different car and left and she went into a house. Then another car came and got her and she was taken to another house. All along the way she looked for her people and girl child but could not find them. Then she was put in a cage in a truck with other dogs and they rode for a very long time. When they stopped and all the cages went in to the house and then soon this man (Bob) came and after another long ride here we are. 

I explained that Bob was her human companion now and he was very happy that they were going to be together for a long time. I showed her through storyline that Bobs house was her house now and Bob would be her human as she grew into a senior dog and then help her when she was ready to leave her body. As Bob spoke and I translated into pictures for Sunny to understand, she could understand that she would be going to parks and new friends homes where she would be able to play with other nice dogs. She would have access to children but they would not live with her and Bob.

What I found particularly interesting about Sunny was when we were outside saying our goodbyes and walking around the property, Sunny now ran all over the place. Completely Unglued from Bob!

I feel this is blog worthy because it demonstrates how a single 90 minute appointment allowed a dog to understand what exactally had happened, what was going to happen, what was expected of her, what she could expect from Bob and that was all it took for her to feel confident instead of afraid.

A simple conversation.

We can love our pets but that is not the same as respecting our pets enough to actually have a conversation with them. All animals have a voice and opinions and emotions.